Bots Are Dead
A few words about why bots are unstable
In summer 2019, Instagram has started a war with bots
Ever wondered why Instagram bots are no longer stable?

Instagram automation, such as mass-following, hashtag-liking, etc., is an old and unstable way to promote your account.

It's because Instagram recently became good at detecting bots.
Any bot that claims to work for your account will still be blocked within a week or two of operation.

From now, GramUp team recommends using LikeUp.

LikeUp (ex-GramUp Family) is a like-sharing community that helps in boosting your post into Trending (Explore tab). If you create good content, results in engagement are much better than from automation.

GramUp will continue to receive updates, but we can't guarantee its stability.

Thanks for staying with us,
GramUp team
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