Simple privacy
Simplified Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
What kind of data do you collect about me?
LikeUp doesn't have any server and runs completely on a client side - in your Google Chrome browser.
That means that none of your data is stored on our side - we just don't have the place to store it. Our browser extension doen't save your Instagram credentials or doesn't send them anywhere.
Who is responsible for actions taken on my Instagram account?
Don't use this tool to spam or to do any other illegal stuff. LikeUp is not responsible for the actions taken by your account in Instagram using LikeUp tool. After successfully logging into LikeUp Chrome extension, you automatically agree with these Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.
How secure are my Instagram credentials?
We don't store your Instagram password, since everything is happening in your browser on your side. Even if we would save your credentials, Instagram wouldn't allow us to login - you would receive the "suspicious login from strange location" alert.
Anti-bot Instagram protection
Instagram is constantly evolving it's anti-bot algorithms. That is why someday our automation tool may make your Instagram account banned by Instagram because the team were not be able to overcome this anti-automation algorithms. If you become blocked someday, we suggest you to stop using LikeUp dashboard and Chrome extension.